Solar Hot Water

Power Saving Centre Canberra offer an easy transition to renewable energy with our high-quality and affordable range of Chromagen solar hot water systems. A traditional hot water unit can account for up to 30% of a household’s energy bills, and even more for a business. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce your hot water bills by 60-80%!

The federal government offers a Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) rebate for solar hot water systems. Read more about the STC rebate here.

Power Saving Centre Canberra offers a range of solar hot water solutions, including evacuated tubes, heat pumps and continuous flow systems.



Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

An evacuated tube system is a unique structure designed to achieve maximum heat retention through high-efficiency glass solar collectors. The system consists of vacuum-like tubes mounted on the roof, which heat the water, then return it to the tank where it is stored for later use. This design is particularly suitable for frost-prone areas, as they have an electric or gas booster that heats the water at night or on cloudy days.

Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems

Heat pump systems efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air, meaning they do not rely on the sun or fossil fuels to provide an energy source. Heat pumps do not require roof-top solar thermal collectors and are ideal where solar water heater are not viable. When temperatures drop below 5°C, heat pumps automatically select the electric boost mode, ensuring hot water is constantly supplied.

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heaters

Continuous flow systems are designed to provide an endless supply of hot water on demand and only utilise gas when hot water is needed. This means substantial savings, as the system is only heating the water being used.

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