Solar Hot Water Systems

The Power Saving Centre Canberra offer an easy transition to renewable energy with our high quality and affordable range of solar hot water systems.

Traditional and obsolete hot water units are a thing of the past – solar hot water technology harnesses the sun to generate a ‘hybrid’ water heater supplemented with an efficient electric or gas booster.

A traditional hot water unit can account for up to 30% of a household’s energy bills, and even more for a business. Installing a solar hot water system will reduce your hot water bills by 60-80%!

The Power Saving Centre Canberra chooses to work with Chromagen for their high quality systems and advanced technology.

Chromagen boost a diverse range of solar hot water systems, heat pumps and continuous flow systems attracting the largest number of STC’s (government rebates) in the market. The systems are designed for frost prone and hard water areas meaning reliability and efficiency even in those colder months. Our team specialise in commercial and domestic design and installation and are proud to be Chromagen’s registered service provider for the ACT. We are also the preferred supply of solar hot water solutions to builders in the ACT region.

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