Evacuated Tube Systems

Chromagen evacuated tube system is a unique structure designed to achieve maximum heat retention through high efficiently, vacuum like glass solar collectors. The system consists of vacuum like tubes mounted on the roof, which allows extremely high water temperatures to be achieved. The hot water then returns to the tank and is stored for later use.

The evacuated tube design ensures it is not subject to freezing and is suitable for frost prone areas; perfect for our often unforgiving Canberra climate. At night or on extremely cloudy days, a booster will kick in to ensure hot water is delivered on demand 24/7, the systems can either be gas or electrically boosted, depending on your preference and location.

The Chromagen evacuated tube system is Canberra’s answer to sustainable water heating and is our most popular spit system product!

We have a number of tank sizes to choose from double click on the bottom of the product photos below to open the product description.

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