LED Lighting

LED lighting is rapidly becoming a popular renewable energy solution for many homeowners and businesses. Power Saving Centre Canberra specialise in LED lighting solutions, helping homeowners and commercial businesses reduce their energy consumption. By sourcing only the highest-quality LED lights from Shine On and NAUK Lighting Supplies, Power Saving Centre Canberra provide customers with the best return on investment.

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Benefits of LED Lighting


LED lights are significantly more efficient, consuming between 40% – 90% less energy than incumbent lights.

Long Life

LED technologies can last up to 20 times longer than old lighting technologies, eliminating the need for frequent light changes.


LED technologies are glass-free, making them especially suitable for commercial and retail environments.


Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED technologies are mercury-free. This eliminates the risk of mercury exposure and the environmental complications involved in disposing of fluorescent lighting products.


LED lights are UV-free, reducing the fading of nearby furnishings, raw materials and coloured goods.


Unlike old technologies, LED lights have instant start-up without any warm-up time, resulting in functional areas being illuminated to a safe level without delay.


LED lights have a very high colour rendering index (CRI), meaning the colours appear true to life. With quality LED lighting in place, colours look consistent throughout a commercial facility.


LED lights run at much lower temperatures than old technologies, meaning they significantly reduce the impact on room temperatures and the risk of fire if they come into contact with combustible materials.


LED lights are made of solid-state materials with no fragile or volatile material. This means they are much more immune to shock and vibration, making them especially suitable to high impact environments.

Power Saving Centre Canberra encourages small businesses in the ACT to consider upgrading to LED lighting and receiving the rebate from the ACT Government’s ACTSmart Business Energy and Water Program. To find out more, contact us on 02 6154 5444 or get a free quote.

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