Next Generation Energy Storage Grant

Power Saving Centre Canberra (PSC) is a successful proponent in the 2018 round of the Next Generation Energy Storage Grant and can once again offer certified battery storage systems at a reduced price to ACT residents.

The subsidy is available for specific battery systems that PSC offers, including:

  • SolaX Power Station (6.5 or 13kWh, scalable)
  • LG Chem battery range coupled with SolarEdge and SolaX inverters
  • sonnen eco batteries, which can qualify customers for the exciting sonnenFlat energy tariff

The subsidy amount is dependent on the output power of the battery system, and the batteries must be installed with a compliant solar system. The only thing that you need to provide as a customer is access to the operational data of your system’s operation (how much power you make, and energy you use), as well as some basic information about your household’s setup. This data is de-identified (anonymous) and may be used for research purposes, or made available to organisations approved by the ACT Government.

Power Saving Centre will install its LG Chem and SolaX systems including controllers from ACT local partners Reposit PowerReposit Power’s solar and battery smart controller lowers your power bill, lets you use energy the way you want to, and sells your energy back to the grid when it’s most valuable. See their website for more details. Through the Reposit App, you will be able to monitor your solar and battery performance any time, anywhere.

Power Saving Centre Canberra are also excited to announce the inclusion of the sonnenBatterie range as part of the Next Gen scheme, and will be offering their 8kW battery which can be coupled to any existing or new solar system at a discounted rate. As part of a compliant system, this battery system can qualify its owners for the forward-looking sonnenFlat energy tariff.

If you are a NSW resident, or not interested in the subsidy, Power Saving Centre will continue to offer the full range of battery storage solutions including the Tesla Powerwall 2.

For more information, or to get a free quote, contact us on 02 6154 5444, email us at, or visit our showroom at 1/44 Hoskins Street, Mitchell, ACT




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