Battery Storage

Power Saving Centre Canberra are experts in battery storage and hybrid solar PV systems. The addition of battery storage to a solar system allows customers to minimise the energy that is exported to the grid and instead store it on site for later use. A hybrid solar PV system with battery storage has many benefits, including:

  • Uninterruptible power supply in the event of a grid failure (blackout)
  • Cheaper electricity bills
  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • Protection from increasing costs of electricity
  • Reduced stress on the electricity grid by lowering each customer’s solar power feed-in and removing electrical consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Power Saving Centre Canberra is a successful proponent in the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Grant, and can offer subsidised battery systems to ACT residents.

To find out more, visit our Next Gen Information Page, and contact us on 02 6154 5444 to get a free quote


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